Why Alpha Arts Academy?


Ten Good Reasons!


1. Quality of Teaching


Alpha Arts Academy takes great pride in, the quality of its teaching which is reflected through the fact that our students have always come out with flying colours at different examinations. All our teachers ensure that our students are provided with a friendly and supportive environment.


2. Excellence


At Alpha Arts Academy we are committed to excellence. Our study programme takes an innovative approach to learning and teaching. As a student you will develop not only sound subject knowledge, but also your computer literacy, communication skills and overall personality.


3. Test Series & Revision Lectures


We offer exclusive Test Series batches for H.S.C. & T.Y.B.A. students who are unable to attend regular lectures. There will be Weekly Tests on all Mondays, a Terminal Examination and four Preliminary Examinations which will ensure that our students face the Board / University Exams with absolute confidence. Special Revision Lectures will be arranged for Test Series students in the month of November & December.


4. Workshops


Alpha Arts Academy is the only institute, which focuses on developing the full potential of Arts students, through Personality Development Workshops.

Our aim is to build confidence in students and motivate them to excel in all walks of life. Our Career Guidance Workshops act as a ‘World of Knowledge’ for students who are seeking information, advice and guidance about their 'next step' in life.


5. Educational Tours


Our lessons in Economics start with an Industrial Visit. We have taken our students to the state-of-art plant of Asian Paints, the largest paint manufacturer of India. We also take our students to financial institutions like the Reserve Bank of India and the National Clearing Cell (NCC) so that our students can understand the role of these organisations and take a close look at the functioning.

American author, Margaret Fuller once said, "Today a reader, tomorrow a leader." We introduce our students to the fascinating world of reading through trips to bookstores like Crossword and libraries like the British Council Library where students are encouraged to spend time reading and going through books.

The retail industry is booming and the sector is creating many job opportunities. With this in mind, we take our students to visit retail outlets like shopping malls and departmental stores. We also take our students to IMAX Dome theatre to watch educational Movies like Everest.


6. E-Learning


Being committed to excellence, we have always taken an innovative approach towards learning. Our institute is the first Academy to introduce E-Learning by making use of modern technology. Our Classrooms have multiple colour monitors, through which teachers deliver their lectures. We enhance the learning process through use of Power Point presentations and Internet-enabled learning.


7. Intensive Batches


We provide intensive coaching to meritorious students through Intensive Batches. Admissions to this Batch are based on the scores of an Entrance Test conducted by the Academy.


8. Scholarships


Scholarships are awarded to meritorious students based on their academic achievement and the potential of the student. Students who have scored 95% and above can get 50% scholarship.


9. Prizes


The Academy awards prizes to Merit Holders and subject toppers in Board and University Examinations.
1st and 2nd Rank
Subject Toppers
3rd to 10th Rank


10. Extra Coaching


The Academy offers extra coaching to weak students, so that they can also perform better.


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